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September 15, 2011 / Dave Gorham

Believe It or Not, U.S. Setting Records for Low Temps and Snow Right Now

I’ve been working on a “change of seasons” post for YourWeatherBlog which will be completed and posted tomorrow. For now, I wanted to post a quickie on today’s temperatures because unless you’re living in Minnesota, you might not be aware of how cold it is there. It’s cold!

This ImpactWeather iMap graphic shows temperatures in the 90s across the Gulf Coast and temperatures in the low 50s along the Canadian border. Counties of northern Wisconsin and Michigan (highlighted in green) are now under NWS freeze and frost advisories for tomorrow morning. Image: ImpactWeather iMap

Did you know Minnesota’s International Falls was in the teens this morning? 19.9F was officially recorded at the INL airport just before 7 AM CDT. Temperatures throughout the region were below freezing and more (though not as many) freeze and frost advisories are in effect for tomorrow morning. This morning’s low of 19, by the way, is the lowest September temperature ever recorded for International Falls. A bit further to the south, Duluth recorded snowfall yesterday — another record for the earliest snowfall ever recorded in Duluth.

If you’re up north and are concerned that winter has arrived way too early, not to worry. This is the time of year for rebounds and, true to form, afternoons will once again be in the 70s by Saturday.

Yesterday's StormWatch Today video presented by ImpactWeather meteorologist Lauren Whisenhunt indicated the potential for record-breaking temperatures across the Upper Mississippi River Valley. Image: ImpactWeather








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