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March 24, 2011 / Dave Gorham

Supermoon Over Boston

Last Friday on YourWeatherBlog I talked about the supermoon we would see on Saturday (March 19th). I was disappointed this weekend when the clouds rolled in late Saturday afternoon/evening here in the Houston area which blocked my view of the moon. Needless to say, over on the East Coast they had the perfect weather conditions for a spectacular viewing. Check out the Boston moonrise (see below).

Image Credit & Copyright: Dennis Di Cicco (TWAN) 

On March 19th the moon was the closest point of orbit to the Earth (perigee) and as a result, it appeared 14% larger and about 30% bigger than a full moon near apogee, or the most distant point in the elliptical lunar orbit. The telescopic night skyscape was shot from Prospect Hill in Waltham, MA, roughly 10 miles from the Boston skyline.

If you missed the supermoon this year, like I did, your next chance to see the moon at full phase within only a few minutes of lunar perigee will be next year on May 6th.


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