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March 1, 2011 / Dave Gorham

Only 90 Days Until Hurricane Season. Seriously.

March 1st.  To most folks in the weather world, that means just one thing: the highly anticipated official start of this year’s highly anticipated Spring is just three weeks away.  Around here, it also means something else: T-90 until the start of the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season.

Some of the raindrops that 2001's tropical storm Allison left behind. Photo: Fred Rogers

Is it a little early to start talking about hurricanes?  Sure.  Is it ever too early to start getting ready for hurricane season or to review and analyze your hurricane preparedness plans before June 1st?  Never.  After all, many of us remember the absolute havoc wrought by tropical storm Allison, and it formed during the very first week of June.

So today we mark the first of March by opening up registration to the 22nd Annual Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry.  This year’s theme is Innovation, New Techniques and What to Expect in 2011 and we have a stellar line-up of speakers.  You can find out more and also register to attend at

I’m actually fairly concerned about 2011 simply because there weren’t any storms last year that made landfall on the U.S. mainland and people grow complacent when a threat of any type lies dormant.  In truth, 2010’s 19 named storms caused more than $11 billion and claimed more than 300 lives but we the U.S. benefited from the high-pressure ridge that was parked over most of the country for most of the summer.  ImpactWeather believes that 2011 will be just as active a season but that we will not benefit from that high-ridge protection again.

2011 also scares me a little because of the three-year thing.  2005 – no one needs reminding of what kind of season 2005 was.  2008 – Ike.  2011 . . . ?  Is it logical, does it make sense and should I be thinking about it?  No.  But then, I’m not a meteorologist like the rest of the squad here so I’m the only one who’s not held to the highest scientific standard.

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