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February 8, 2011 / Dave Gorham

Heavy Snow Moving Into Central Plains

Another significant winter weather event is under way and will dive south and east across the Rockies, Plains, and portions of the Mississippi River Valley through the middle of the week. This will bring an increased risk of moderate-to-heavy accumulations of snow, some mixed wintry precipitation to the south, and gusty winds associated with the strong low pressure center.

Our latest StormWatch video is now online. ImpactWeather’s Chris Hebert details the storm’s potential.

Heavy snow from Oklahoma northward to the central Plains and Colorado. Image: ImpactWeather StormWatch.

An upper-level storm coupled with a surface frontal system taps into Gulf of Mexico humidity to allow significant snowfall north of the warm front. Image: ImpactWeather StormWatch.

As the low drops to Southeast Texas and drags the cold air with it tomorrow, there is a slight possibility of freezing or frozen precipitation reaching coastal Texas tomorrow. However, it seems with each passing hour confidence in this coastal wintry precip situation is dropping. Image: ImpactWeather StormWatch.

By Thursday, high pressure and sunshine dominate much of the South. Image: ImpactWeather StormWatch.

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