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January 11, 2011 / Dave Gorham

South Digs Out While Major Nor’easter Aims for Northeast

Growing up in the Deep South, I know just how rare it is to see snow, but to get snow twice just a couple of weeks apart is kind of unheard of. I was actually in Birmingham on Christmas when it snowed and that was the first white Christmas I’ve ever had. When I was little I remember thinking how cool it would be if it snowed, but I didn’t think it would actually happen. Nevertheless, now just two weeks later heavy snow has fallen over northern Alabama Sunday into early Monday as cold, Arctic air surged southward and a low pressure system moved across the northern Gulf of Mexico. However, it wasn’t just northern Alabama that received snow; check out the snow totals across the Deep South.

Alabama Georgia Mississippi South Carolina Tennessee
Florence: 11.0” Dalton: 7.5” Baldwyn: 10.0” Greenville: 6.0” Lawrenceburg: 11.0”
Huntsville: 9.0” Bold Springs: 5.5” Senatobia: 7.2” Taylors: 6.0” Pulaski: 11.0”
Hartselle: 7.0” Gainesville: 5.0” Tupelo: 7.0” Chester: 4.0” Charleston: 5.0”
Moulton: 7.7” Rome: 5.0” Oxford: 5.0” Clyde: 4.0” Chattanooga: 7.0”
Blount Springs: 6.0” Atlanta: 3.0” Cleveland: 5.0” Hartsville: 3.0” Madisonville: 4.5”
Gadsden: 6.0” Marietta: 4.0” Greenwood: 2.5” Aiken: 2.0” Germantown: 4.0”
Birmingham: 1.0” Starkville: 2.5” Knoxville: 4.0”
Nashville: 3.0”

The storm system responsible for the snow across the Southeast will lift northeastward along the East Coast today bringing snow (indicated in white) from the Mid-Atlantic States into southern New England. Breezy winds (yellow) expected from Virginia into eastern Georgia today with winds between 20-25 mph with higher gusts. Cold, Arctic air (blue) remains across the Northern Rockies into the Plains today with temperatures between 20-25ºF below average. Image: ImpactWeather

Improving conditions are expected today across the Southeast, but do expect breezy winds along the east coast as a low pressure system strengthens offshore. Arctic air is expected to surge south and east by tomorrow as high pressure builds in over the area. Temperatures across parts of the Deep South (including northern and central Mississippi and Alabama) will be 20-25ºF below average for this time of year. A hard freeze is expected over most of the area tonight (see below).

A hard freeze will be possible through Friday morning across most of these areas. A light freeze can also be expected along the Gulf Coast into central Florida. Image: ImpactWeather

Temperatures will be well below normal the next few days. Image: ImpactWeather

If you haven’t already done so, today’s the day to make sure your pipes are protected from the freezing weather expected. Click here for a few tips. Also, don’t forget about your plants and pets. Cover up your tender plants/vegetation or bring them inside if you can. Make sure your pets have a warm place to go and don’t leave them out in the cold! For Winter Pet Safety Tips from YourWeatherBlog click here. You can also check another post I have on Cold Weather Safety Tips.

Heavy snow is expected across the Great Lakes into the Mid-Atlantic States and New England today as a storm system moves northeastward along the East Coast and another disturbance moves in from the west. Image: ImpactWeather

The same storm system responsible for the snow across the Deep South will bring heavy snow to the Mid-Atlantic States into New England today and tomorrow. The heaviest snow is expected from northern New Jersey into Rhode Island and Connecticut with 10-14” possible. Heavy lake-effect snow showers can also be expected, especially across northern Ohio into northwestern Pennsylvania where up to 8-10” of snow is possible. Heavy snow will continue tomorrow as the low pressure system continues to lift northeastward along the East Coast. The heavy snow tomorrow looks to fall across southern New England where 8-16” is possible from New Jersey into coastal Maine. Gusty winds between 20-30 mph will also lead to areas of blowing and drifting snow. The heaviest snow is expected to fall during the morning and afternoon hours.

Heavy snow (white) will continue tomorrow across the Northeast with the heaviest expected into southern New England. Gusty winds (yellow) will also lead to areas of blowing and drifting snow. Well-below average temperatures (blue) expected across the Plains and into parts of the Deep South. The Rio Grande Valley and South Texas will also have well-below normal temperatures. Image: ImpactWeather

Be sure and bundle up the next few days! Winter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Check our video here for the latest coverage on this week’s winter weather system.

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