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January 10, 2011 / Dave Gorham

Georgia Snow Storm Becoming Nor'Easter

“Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day,” is the first line of the second verse of the 1966 hit “Monday, Monday” from the Mamas and the Papas. Are you like me? Is it the only line of the song you remember? For most of the U.S. today, my guess is it’s also the most appropriate verse.

Then again, there haven’t really been any dramatic changes to the forecast. The low pressure area that kicked off with an upper-level trough moving across the Gulf of Mexico late last week is responsible for a bit more snow across the northern Gulf states than was first predicted, but its track and overall behavior is pretty close to the early forecasts from the middle of last week. In addition, confidence that this low pressure area will develop into a nor’easter is now high, and significant snowfall is expected from the Carolinas to New England. Remember, last week the computer models were split: some taking the low harmlessly out to sea, while others kept it hugging the coast in prime nor’easter fashion. It’s interesting to note that the GFS computer model has now changed its mind: last week it took the low well offshore, today it’s hugging the coast. This is the same scenario that occurred two weeks ago with the Christmas nor’easter.

Here’s the latest from ImpactWeather’s StormWatch team on this Monday morning:

The latest ImpactWeather StormWatch video can be viewed here. And you can read last Thursday’s YWB post about this potential (at the time) winter storm system here.

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