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January 7, 2011 / Dave Gorham

Dreary Day Movies: Our Picks

Inside a typical small video rental store, Elaine stands before a rack marked “‘Staff Picks.” Individual shelves are labeled Elizabeth, Gene, and Vincent, amongst others. Elaine is reading the back of a video box when Kramer comes up behind her:
KRAMER: Checking out the staff picks, Miss Benes?
ELAINE: Oh. (laughs) Ha-ha. Hey. Yeah, yeah. (indicating shelf) This Vincent guy, he is the best. He and I have the exact same taste in movies.
KRAMER: Oh, Vincent is an art-house goon. I stick to the Gene rack.
ELAINE: Gene? Oh, it’s so stupid and mainstream.


KRAMER: (indicates the Gene shelf) I’ve seen all these, so I went with a Kramer pick.
Kramer holds up a video for Elaine’s inspection.
ELAINE: (reading) ‘The Other Side Of Darkness’. Huh, I never heard of that one.
KRAMER: Yeah, went straight to video.
[Seinfeld, The Comeback, 1997.]

Most of the country is on the threshold to an extended period of sour weather. Most areas east of the Rockies are expecting well below normal temperatures, while the South is expecting snow and ice and the East Coast may have another nor’easter on their hands. With that in mind, now is the perfect opportunity to consider the ideal movies to watch this weekend or early next week while stuck at home beside the fireplace and, hopefully, a nice big TV. I queried the YourWeatherBlog contributors for their favorite movie picks.

From Lauren: “I’m a college sports nut; football, mostly. I didn’t have to think but a moment before The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock came to mind. It’s the story of a homeless and traumatized young boy who grew up to become an All-American college football player and later a first round draft pick of the NFL. It was nominated for the Best Motion Picture Oscar Award last year, winning Best Actress for Sandra Bullock and was nominated for many other awards. I just love it and can watch it over and over.” Sounds like “The Blind Side” is a no-brainer.

From Fred Rogers: “My three favorite movies are The Red Violin because it tells such a compelling story throughout such a long period of history (it covers three centuries, as well as several countries and owners), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off because it’s both a good chuckle and an absolute mental holiday. It can be watched over and over. Finally, the 2009 edition of Star Trek simply because it had the finest plot twist in the history of cinema.  (I may not be a meteorologist but I’m definitely a geek.)  I’d say my favorite “weather movie” was The Illustrated Man simply because I love rain, but actually it’s The Day After Tomorrow because it’s so utterly bombastic.” (Did he really say, “utterly bombastic”?)

Also a sports nut, Nathan shows his bias: “When it’s raining or snowing outside, what’s better than sitting inside on the couch watching a comedy? Just sit back, laugh and enjoy the show!” Nathan’s picks are classic baseball comedies, 1989’s Major League and 1994’s Major League 2. If the formula works, stick with it, right Nathan? But no Bull Durham? I mean, if you’re going with baseball movies…

Fred Schmude is working hard on the winter storm systems now about to pounce on so much of the country, and I hated to ask him about his movie picks. Nevertheless, he jumped right in with a few of his favorites and, admittedly, one of mine, too: “Groundhog Day has to be one of my favorites for a rainy or a wintry day.  The movie deserves its fans, earns our respect, delivers richly on its initial promises if not always on its greater ones, and rewards multiple viewings, even as it carries a built-in joke about the typical shelf-life of repeated experience. Even with all of that it does have a certain quality that makes us realize it’s the small things in life that can really make a big difference.  It’s also entertaining to see how Bill Murray learns this lesson and changes from an out of control mental case to a calm, rational easy-going person who only wants to live life to the fullest.” It would appear Fred brings just as much enthusiasm to his movie watching as he does to his winter weather forecasting!

Finally, my picks: I’m going with Lord of the Rings trilogy. First, I’ve only watched them once and would like to see them all again. But second, they’ve come to define “adventure” for me. When I really want to be taken away, Lord of the Rings is the ticket. Here’s another adventure: Long Way Round. Technically not a movie (it was a mini-series on TV), but this series is also the definition of adventure — but this time with no fantasy! Ewan McGregor and his pal Charley Boorman ride their rugged BMW offroad motorcycles eastward from London all the way to New York City with all the two-wheeled adventure you would expect. My favorite parts are their crossings of Russia and Mongolia. This is reality TV at its best. As it turns out, my third pick is also an adventure, The Endless Summer, this time with surfboards. From 1966, this documentary follows two young men around the world in search of the perfect wave. The music is great, the scenery is great and it will remind you of a time when circling the globe took some real effort. And who wouldn’t dig a surfing movie when there’s two feet of snow on the ground and the first day of summer is still six months away?

We here at ImpactWeather are in the business of not only providing accurate weather forecasts, but also providing timely and accurate information to help our clients operate safely, effectively and efficiently in all weather conditions. We hope our movie picks help you relax a bit when the work day is done.

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  1. Lou Baggett / Jan 7 2011 10:37 PM

    Heres hoping we have electricity to be able to watch a movie 🙄 Appreciate the updates!!!

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