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January 6, 2011 / Dave Gorham

A Flurry of Useful Webinars . . . And a Few Other Freebies

It’s Chamber of Commerce weather today in Houston – actually, more like Greater Houston Partnership* weather – with clear, dark blue skies, mild winds and temps in the upper 60s.  That’s not always the case but ImpactWeather clients are well prepared with information they need . . . and not just about the weather.

This morning we hosted our 20-minute Winter Weather Season Outlook Update webinar and you can watch the entire thing here.  Our next update webinar will be on February 8th.  It’s free, will also run about 20 minutes and you can register here.

A couple of hours ago, we posted 4 ½- minute video about next week’s potential Arctic Outbreak across the U.S. to our YouTube channel.  We’ll be updating that video daily through at least the beginning of next week but we’re also seeing longer-term probabilities for a repeat of the same type of weather the week after next.

Finally, at least for today, on behalf of the national Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) and a lot more on the business continuity side of the complete preparedness equation, we’ll be sponsoring a 45-minute webinar next Tuesday entitled “The Human Side of Crisis Management.”  Participants will learn effective, take-and-use guidelines to address the needs of crisis-impacted stakeholders, from employees to customers, to others affected by a crisis situation with real and perceived harm. The field-tested methods of the presenter’s 25 years of crisis response will be provided.  Go register now.

BTW, the BC seminar next week will be hosted by our own Mike Thomson, manager of the ImpactReady Business Continuity Planning Program, so you know it will be worth your while since Mike is also the president and CEO of the national ACP.

You’re an ImpactWeather client?  We got you covered.

* The GHP is an excellent organization.  Ask about joining.


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