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September 21, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Surviving New Private Sector Preparedness Audits – Are You Ready? [Free Webinar]

Somebody in this building wants you to be prepared.

The Federal government will soon commence a program to audit the preparedness of U.S. companies or organizations. What has your company done to prepare for these new private sector preparedness audits? Are you ready for what experts are calling one of the most influential pieces of business continuity legislation in the past 30 years?  It’s time to address Private Sector Preparedness (PS-Prep).

Attend a free, 20-minute ImpactReady webinar next Tuesday morning, the 28th to learn what you and your company can and should do to prepare for these audits. Don Byrne, a member of the PS-Prep Committee of Experts and a member of the Boston University faculty, and ImpactWeather’s lead preparedness expert Mike Thomson will discuss and answer questions about best practices and techniques to prepare for the audits and reduce the risks associated with the forthcoming PS-Prep roll-out.  Register here.

We’ve talked about preparedness before a number of times before.  As National Preparedness Month draws to a close, remember that preparedness is a full-time job and not relegated to any single month.


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