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August 25, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Hurricane Season Winding Down . . . Or Just Getting Started?

A short little entry today about a very important topic:  our last update to the 2010 hurricane season outlook.  Our free, 20-minute webinar will be next Tuesday, August 31st at 10:30CDT.

As we anticipated earlier this month, the extended lull in development is giving way to increased formation with the likes of Hurricane Danielle and – by later this afternoon – Tropical Storm Earl having formed in the eastern North Atlantic.  But we’re also keeping a close watch on the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico and are not at all ruling out system development closer to the U.S. coast.

And we’re still weeks away from the average peak of storm activity.

Chris presenting at a hurricane seminar. Photo: Fred Rogers

Hosted by ImpactWeather Lead Hurricane Forecaster Chris Hebert, a 30-year veteran of tropical storm forecasting, this webinar is quick, polished and highly focused.  The popularity of the webinar series this season has really exceeded our expectations.  Register now to get a look at what can be expected for the rest of the season


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