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August 9, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Russian Heat Wave: "Nothing Similar Has Been Observed"

The heat wave in Russia has continued for so long that the world has moved on to other things. However, new today come these comments from Russian officials:

“Nothing similar has been observed in the millennium history of the Russian state, which dates back to the acceptance of Christianity by ancient Russia in the late 10th Century.” The head weather forecaster, Alexander Frolov, went on to say in a televised news conference, “This is a completely unique phenomenon. There are no observations of this in the archives.”

YourWeatherBlog has written about the Russian heat before (here and here) and news agencies around the world continue to mention not only the heat, but the oppressive smog, the forest fires and the loss of human life (officials estimate the mortality rate in Moscow has doubled due to the heat wave).

High pressure is noted over Poland and central Russia in the Gmaps image below, but a strong high pressure zone in the upper atmosphere is anchored over central Russia effectively blocking the eastward movement of the cold front visible across western Russia. With a pronounced southerly and southwesterly flow ahead of the cold front, hot winds flow northward from not only southern Europe and western Asia, but Africa as well. Image: ImpactWeather’s Gmaps 2.0.

Russia, 9 AUG 10. Gmaps 2.0


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