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August 5, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Technology and Nature: Still An Amazing Union

Back in the ‘90’s, an email – or two or 5,000 – went around that contained a link that, once clicked, sent you to a web page that announced that “You have reached the end of the Internet” with instructions to turn off your computer and go outside.  Wait . . . here it is.  (There are many different versions but that one’s my favorite because it still quaintly venerates the word ‘internet’ with a capital ‘I.’)

What’s this stroll through digital nostalgia got to do with the weather?  Everything.  The internet’s been around for a while now the weather has, too and just when you think there’s nothing new anymore, or really anything that’s actually relevant, something pops up and surprises you.  Hopefully this is one of those times.

YWB regulars know we cover space weather occasionally (Lauren just yesterday posted about this week’s solar tantrum) and here’s one more place where weather, space weather and technology converge:  we just can’t get enough of NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.  The site’s not brand new and it doesn’t feature a crazy Flash border or promise to change your life.  What it does deliver is one new, usually absolutely fantastic space-related photo each day.  And often, as is the case with yesterday’s, it’s not only clickable through to a larger version but will sometimes also contain a level of educational interactivity such as the labeled potential destinations (some day? maybe?) you see during mouse-over.

Photo: NASA

I linked to a particular photo – this past Tuesday’s – because it’s the one that inspired me to post about the site itself, but you can select the link for today, bookmark and check it each day like I do.  Two or three days out of the week, I’m blown away by the skill and talent of the photographers . . . and the inconceivable beauty of nature.

So no, you haven’t reached the end of the internet yet.


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