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July 6, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Another Hot Day Across the Northeast

Hot weather continues across the Northeast today as highs soar into the 90’s with a few areas possibly topping out near 100F. The National Weather Service in Baltimore/Washington D.C. has issued a heat advisory from noon today until 11pm EDT Wednesday. Hot and humid weather is expected both today and tomorrow as strong high pressure remains in place across the Mid-Atlantic. Heat index values could reach up to 105F each afternoon. Temperatures tonight are also expected to drop to only around 80 degrees in downtown Washington and Baltimore.

A Heat Advisory (orange) has been issued for parts of the Northeast today. An Excessive Heat Warning (purple) has been issued for southeast Pennsylvania and western sections of New Jersey.  Image: National Weather Service

An Excessive Heat Warning has been issued for southeastern Pennsylvania and western sections of New Jersey until 8pm EDT. A very hot air mass remains in place and record high temperatures near 100F are expected today and tomorrow. Heat index values should be between 100-105F. Record or near-record warm overnight lows are also expected. The city of Philadelphia may not drop lower than the lower 80’s tonight.

A heat advisory has been issued for New York City from 11am this morning until 7 pm EDT this evening. Heat index values this afternoon could range between 100-104F. The heat index takes into account both air temperature and relative humidity to give us a value on how hot it actually feels. A heat advisory is issued for NYC when high humidity is expected to combine with hot temperatures to make it feel like it’s at least 95 degrees for two consecutive days or 100 degrees for any length of time. It’s issued to warn residents that elevated temperatures and high humidity could be dangerous, particularly for young children and the elderly. Be sure and drink plenty of water, avoid spending too much time outdoors during the heat of the day and remain in an air conditioned location as much as possible.

Tuesday: A hot day is in store for the northeast today with highs in the 90’s across most areas (shaded in orange) with a few spots topping out near 100F. Image: ImpactWeather

Hot weather (orange) will shift further southward tomorrow. Highs will be in the 90’s with heat index values near 100F.

The excessive heat should ease on Thursday across the Northeast as the onshore flow increases and the hot ridge of high pressure moves farther to the southwest. No matter your age or overall health, everyone is encouraged to be cautious outdoors today and to spend as much time as possible indoors and drink plenty of fluids. Also, everyone should remain alert for signs of heat related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke.

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