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July 1, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Torrential Rains and Flooding in Romania

A week of torrential rains and flooding in Romania is responsible for killing 22 people according to the government’s emergency committee. Most of the victims drowned when they were swept away by high waters, while two people were struck by lightning. Hundreds had to be rescued from their homes as river levels rose. To escape the floods, many people climbed trees in fear of drowning and thousands had to be evacuated.

Floods in Romania. Image: EPA

On Monday, 10 people died in northeastern Romania due to the floods in Dorohoi and Suceava. Bridges and roads have been damaged, crops have been washed away and hundreds of houses have been damaged or destroyed.

Heavy rain and flooding in Romania. Image: KyivPost

The Romanian government has asked for aid from the European Union to help repair the damage to roads and farmland. Interior Minister Vasile Blaga said the situation was especially bad in the northeast portion of the country. Damage caused by the floods will likely take a heavy toll on the Romanian economy, which is also trying to emerge from a recession.

Torrential rains and floods also affected parts of the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Poland. In the south of the Czech Republic, at least 13 people died in one week because of the floods. In May and early June, at least 24 people were killed with tens of thousands forced to evacuate their homes after heavy rains triggered floods in southern and central Poland.


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