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June 11, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Internships: Sharing More Than Wisdom

For the last two weeks, ImpactWeather has hosted two interns and – as is the case each time students come to study our operations – we rediscovered that we learn almost as much from them as they do from us.  Young, enthusiastic and sporting lots of shiny eagerness, they remind us that bringing our best game to the field is important each and every day.

Juliana Karloski has been here for the last week completing a 40-hour internship.  Juliana is a Meteorology major at Texas A&M and is minoring in Math.  She plans to graduate in May of 2012.  Matt Haworth just completed a 2-week, 72-hour internship with us.  Matt has completed his junior year at the University of Houston with a major in Atmospheric Science and a minor in Mathematics.  During their time here, they gained valuable and practicable experience working in the StormWatch department studying terrestrial-based forecasting and alerting, the MarineWatch department learning about marine-based forecasting and alerting, and the TropicsWatch department for tropical cyclone forecasting experience.  Matt also spent a day in the Broadcast department learning about broadcast meteorology techniques from’s very own Lauren and Dave, including video production, graphics management, camera operation, audio, lighting, video editing, chromakey process and on-camera technique.

Juliana and Matt after receiving their internship certificates of completion from Kevin (center).

Asked about their time here, ImpactWeather’s Director of Operations Kevin Smith, says, “There are many paths that a degreed meteorologist can take: TV/radio broadcasting, NOAA, NWS, military, research, etc.  The ImpactWeather Practical Training Experience Program was created to allow college students to gain real-world insight into operational weather forecasting in the private meteorological consulting sector.  This 40-80 hour program is designed to illustrate just how a team of meteorologists can make a difference for businesses by allowing clients to mitigate risk and operate safely, effectively and efficiently in all weather conditions.”

Alas, their time with ImpactWeather draws to a close today.  When I asked if either is considering a post-graduation career at ImpactWeather, I got an enthusiastic “Sure!” from Matt but an enigmatic “Maybe . . . ?” from Juliana.

Well.  Maybe Juliana needs to spend another week with us.


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