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June 8, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Look Outside Right Now

According to legend, the weather you see outside today will linger unchanged for quite some time.

This is likely a new one for you, as it is for me. It seems St. Medard (c.457 – c.545) was so loved that the weather on his feast day (June 8) would remain unchanged for 40 days. Now that’s love. Although it would seem there was a greater love, that held for St. Barnabus. For the Feast of St. Barnabus was held on June 11 and a change of weather on June 11th is quite possible, rendering the "weather hold" from St. Medard null and void.

St. Medard, the Bishop of Vermandois.

Apparently the young chap Medard was sheltered from the rain one day by the wings of an eagle hovering above him. Forever thereafter he has been associated with the weather, good or bad, and has been held to protect those who work in the open air.

Though it will likely take a few days to implement, the PSMNE (Protected St. Medard Numerical Eagle) model will be integrated into the ImpactWeather METGRID Systems Logarithm for all future analysis beginning June 8. Meaning, beginning in 2011, the weather outside your window on June 8 is the weather you will continue to enjoy for 40 days — unless something changes on June 11 and then all bets are off.

Statue of St. Medard (Medardus), Saint Médard d’Eyrans. Image: Wiki

Bishop Medard was also often invoked against toothache, but that’s a blog for another day.


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