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June 1, 2010 / Dave Gorham

2010 Hurricane Season Update – It's An Eyebrow-Raiser

ImpactWeather issued our June 1st “start of season” update to our 2010 hurricane season forecast this morning and, as expected, we raised all three prediction numbers (predicted number of named storms, named hurricanes and major hurricanes) for a variety of reasons. 

We’ve posted a link to a 9 ½ minute video synopsis on our top page at (look for Chris’ “smiling” face).  I also posted a few more items you might be interested in if you live in hurricane country:  the .ppt file used to make the presentation and the more colloquial two-page ‘press release’ format of the update.  Links to those are right under the photo that links to the video.

Demand for our season overview is high each year and as part of that demand there’s always a slanted focus on the three forecast numbers – total named, hurricanes and majors.  We always, however, stress to anyone who might possibly be affected by a storm, that it’s not about the total number – it always has been and always will be about the one storm that affects you and what you should be doing to prepare for it.

Seasonal forecasts are interesting but the one storm that might hit you next week is a whole lot more important.

Have a safe and productive season.  And be doing what you need to be doing now to prepare.

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