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May 11, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Next Week's Hurricane Seminar

Space is limited for the 21st Annual Hurricane Seminar for Business and Industry next Friday, May 21st at the Houston Hobby Marriott from 7:45 to half past noon. If you haven’t signed up already, here’s why you should!

  1. We’ve gathered The Experts to present on infrastructure sustainability, offshore activity, post-storm employee resiliency and ? when landfall is imminent ? what your employees are really thinking about . . . and it’s not your company.
  2. El Niño is on vacation; what that means for storm activity ? and the fact that the forecast is looking very much like 2005.
  3. A hearty (if not exactly heart-healthy) breakfast buffet.
  4. A chance to win an iPad courtesy of AboveNet.
  5. Finally, a seminar that’s not only educational and entertaining but one that also provides you with tangible, realistic information you can use to benefit your company’s emergency response planning process.

Register now!

More information at


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