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March 23, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Freak Storm Batters Perth, Australia

Tens of thousands of homes are without power today after a severe storm late Monday brought huge hailstones, torrential rains, flooding, landslides and wind gusts of more than 75 mph. The cost of the damage is estimated at more than $100m (£66.5m).


Almost a month’s average rainfall fell in just seven minutes at Perth airport, which caused part of the roof to collapse. This freak storm happened late Monday and is said to be the worst storm since May of 1994. Golf ball sized hail smashed car windscreens and back windows. Driving became more hazardous as well when 150 sets of traffic lights went out. Nearly 20 people were evacuated from a local hospital after a roof collapsed, while a landslip near the city centre crusted two parked cards and filled one apartment with mud.

Large hailstone from the storm that hit Perth. Image: Kristy Hill

Freak storm smashed out back window. Image:

Streets flooded as commuters try to get home. Image: perthnow

More storms are forecast to follow yesterday’s unusual weather, which comes after Perth’s driest southern hemisphere summer on record with just 0.2 millimeters of rain in December, January and February. To put this into perspective, yesterday’s storm dumped nearly 40 millimeters (1.6 inches) of rain.


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