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February 10, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Flooding Uruguay

For the past couple of weeks, strong thunderstorms have been moving across Uruguay, some with torrential downpours. Heavy rains across the New Years holiday caused hundreds of homeless to seek shelter. Earlier in December thousands were forced to move because of the flooding rains. In fact, the increased rainfall can be traced all the way back to November, but a quick internet search reveals record flooding (the worst in 50 years) struck the country as recently as 2007.

Mercedes, Uruguay, during a recent flood.

Officials in central Uruguay are reporting some 3,000 people were mandatorily evacuated while about 1,500 sought higher ground voluntarily; total evacuations are near 6,000. Other regions are without power and potable water, and have been cut-off by rising waters; more than 170,000 acres of cropland are threatened.

Image: ImpactWeather’s Gmaps 2.0.

Though Tuesday was rain-free, additional showers and thunderstorms are expected today near the coast. Once again, downpours are possible.


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