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February 5, 2010 / Dave Gorham

National Weatherperson's Day: Today!

February 5 is National Weatherperson’s Day, commemorating the birth of John Jeffries in 1744. Jeffries was one of America’s first weather observers. He began taking daily weather observations in Boston in 1774 and he took the first balloon observation in 1784. This is a day to recognize the men and women who collectively provide Americans with the best weather, water, and climate forecasts and warning services of any nation in the world.

An early weather observer. Most modern weather observations are now taken by automatic sensing equipment. Photo: NOAA

The military meteorologists plays a large role in issuing weather forecasts and weather alerts. Primarily tasked with protecting missions and base resources, military forecasts, alerts and warnings are often provided to local communities. Here, Sgt. Gorham (me), USAF meteorologist, operates the FPS-77 Storm Detection Radar at Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma, 1986. The alerts issued to Altus AFB authorities were also passed to local radio and civil protection/disaster agencies. Photo: Dave Gorham collection.


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