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January 19, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Hazardous Weather Alerting and the Role of Your Weather Department

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This week’s American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting is four days of weather and climate professionals from across the nation (and the world) coming together to discuss the latest advances in the atmospheric sciences. As you might suspect, many of the presentations at a scientific meeting like this can be very -how shall I put this- abstract and theoretical. Others, though, can have obvious and immediate implications.

YWB readers are in for a treat today. I had a chance to chat with Dr. Jerry Brotzge of the University of Oklahoma’s Department of Meteorology about a study that he will be presenting tomorrow. Dr. Brotzge, over a 5 year period, has compiled a set of statistics regarding tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service that I think our readers will find very surprising.

Hazardous weather alerting and forecasting is a complex undertaking. It requires the best efforts of all of America’s Weather Enterprise sectors- government, academic, private -to keep the nation safe and productive. Dr. Brotzge’s study is simply the latest to highlight the tremendous opportunity we at ImpactWeather have to provide a valuable hazardous weather alerting and forecasting service to our clients.


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