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January 18, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Live (Somewhat) from the 90th Annual AMS Conference!

ImpactWeather Service Development Coordinator and meteorologist Shawn Rampy is in Atlanta this week with developer/meteorologist (and Hurricane Severity Index co-author) Bob Weinzapfel for the 90th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society.  As always, ImpactWeather’s highest development priority is to keep more than informed of the latest advances in the science of weather forecasting and the AMS Annual Meeting is always a fantastic way to find out what our peers are working on, the most recent meteorological developments and tomorrow’s advances in forecast technology.

The AMS has been around since 1919 and, seeing as how ImpactWeather hasn’t been around quite that long, we view this annual gathering as a sterling opportunity, along with many other similar events we attend each year, to continually breathe fresh life into our meteorological vigilance.

Another vital reason for annual gatherings like this is to talk to our colleagues – both domestic and international – and see how we’re all using technological advances to our advantage and, more specifically for ImpactWeather, to the advantage of our clients. As a B2B provider of global severe weather monitoring/notification and business continuity solutions, being proactive about the very latest and greatest solutions available is a responsibility we take very seriously. 

However, perhaps the greatest reason for our presence at this meeting is that it’s an excellent reminder that when it comes to hazardous weather alerting and notification, “the public information solution” is wholly imperfect. A surprisingly large number of hazardous weather events fall through the cracks of the generalized warning process each month, and that’s where ImpactWeather comes in.  We add a considerably more comprehensive and dynamic layer of technological and human resources to the mix in order to make sure our clients receive the highest level of alerting possible.

Stay tuned for a podcast from Shawn in Atlanta on this exact same subject.



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