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January 5, 2010 / Dave Gorham

Highs, Lows and Snows

With winter in full swing across the Northern Hemisphere and the USA beginning to undergo a major Arctic outbreak of record-breaking temperatures, it’s worth noting where the cold and snow are consistent companions year after year.

U.S. cities with the coldest daily average high temperature (Jan & Feb):

Milwaukee, Wisconsin:                 31.2 F

Chicago, Illinois:                                32.9 F

Detroit, Michigan:                            33.8 F

Cleveland, Ohio:                               35.3 F

Indianapolis, Indiana:                     37.9 F

Boston, Massachusetts:                39.0 F

Columbus, Ohio:                              39.2 F

Kansas City, Missouri:                    39.5 F

New York, New York:                     40.6 F

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:         41.8F

U.S. cities with the coldest daily average low temperature (Jan & Feb):

Denver, Colorado:                           16.9 F

Milwaukee, Wisconsin:                 17.0 F

Chicago, Illinois:                                18.0 F

Detroit, Michigan:                            20.4 F

Kansas City, Missouri:                    21.2 F

Cleveland, Ohio:                               21.6 F

Indianapolis, Indiana:                     21.7 F

Columbus, Ohio:                              23.2 F

Boston, Massachusetts:                24.7F

Major U.S. cities with the highest average annual snowfall (inches):

Denver, Colorado:                           60.3

Cleveland, Ohio:                               59.0

Milwaukee, Wisconsin:                 47.1

Boston, Massachusetts:                43.3

Detroit, Michigan:                            41.9

Chicago, Illinois:                                38.2

New York, New York:                     28.8

Columbus, Ohio:                              28.4

Indianapolis, Indiana:                     24.1

Baltimore, Maryland:                     21.4

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:         21.1

Kansas City, Missouri:                    20.0

More: CurrentResults

Photo: ImpactWeather Meteorologist Andrew Artzer


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