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December 23, 2009 / Dave Gorham

Snow – and More Snow

On the heels of the record-breaking Mid-Atlantic snow storm (some areas received as much as 30 inches) another storm system is taking shape in the Plains. This next storm is interesting on several levels – one being the track the other being the duration.

As for the track, this storm will not follow in the footsteps of the previous storm. Instead it will move across the Great Lakes and into eastern Canada – allowing the U.S. East Coast to remain in a southerly flow. In fact, rain is in the forecast for many areas but northern New York State and New England where freezing rain may mix with rain and/or snow.

The second unusual feature of the storm will be its duration over the northern Plains and the Upper Mississippi River Valley. The upper low responsible for all this is nearly "parked" and its lack of movement over the next 24 hours will allow as much as 20-24 inches of snow to accumulate over areas of Minnesota, while 10+ inches over eastern Oklahoma and Missouri is not out of the question.

Images courtesy of ImpactWeather’s StormWatch service.

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