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December 1, 2009 / Dave Gorham

I'm Not A Meteorologist . . . But I Get To Work With Them

Mark Twain said, “Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.”  At ImpactWeather, we love the weather and we’re helping people do something about it!

This is my maiden entry for and the gist of my message is the gist of ImpactWeather.  We are Your Weather Department.  Just like your accounting or legal department, we function as Your Weather Department to keep you and your organization as well prepared as possible in the event you, your organization or your employees, customers or other constituents are threatened by severe weather and also to provide you with a comprehensive Business Continuity Planning resource.

Just as your dedicated legal, accounting and other departments work to ensure that your operations continue to flow smoothly, Your Weather Department provides critical weather forecasting and notification to engage your organization in proactive measures to support optimal productivity at all times.

Simply put, we help our clients operate effectively and efficiently in all weather conditions.

On a more personal note, I run with a fairly ambitious, highly entrepreneurial crowd, most of whom own their own businesses.  From time to time, I’m the victim of some gentle ribbing about my “corporate” job and have politely refused quite a few offers to pursue a position where I would have more ownership.  But I do have ownership, and ownership that makes me proud.  I own the responsibility of communicating as clearly and precisely as possible the solutions that ImpactWeather offers to our clients . . . and to those who aren’t yet.  And that message boils down to this:  ImpactWeather provides vital information at crucial times about severe weather, information that helps our clients save money, make money, keep their businesses operating as efficiently as possible and, many times, save lives.

And it doesn’t get much more entrepreneurial – or important – than that.


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